Family and Intheritance Law

In the field of Family and Divorce Law, our office provides legal consultancy and litigation services to its clients on various issues such as uncontested divorce applications, protocols to be prepared for divorce, divorce cases due to the breakdown of marriage known as incompatibility of temperament in daily life, security measures that can be taken during divorce proceedings, joint sharing of acquired property, custody of children, determination of alimony, assistance, support, and welfare allowances, finalization of divorce or recognition and/or enforcement of divorce decisions taken abroad in Turkey.

In the field of Inheritance Law, our office has focused on protecting the inheritance rights of individuals and on issues such as elimination of the partnership on the joint property that may arise in this context, the usage fee demands on the same property type, the inability to understand the hidden shares determined by the civil law, the failure to draw up a will, the failure to make any planning for the post-death sharing of the assets, inheritance and succession taxes, deceased decedents, civil marriage and common-law marriage and felonies regarding lineage.