Enforcement & Bankruptcy Law

Our office, with its separate enforcement department, carries out all kinds of transactions before the enforcement offices and courts in order to ensure that our clients can collect their receivables quickly and effectively, and to protect the rights of our clients in the enforcement proceedings initiated against them.

In addition to the legal services regarding the collection of receivables and the proceedings against them, our office also provides services to prevent companies in financial difficulties from encountering legal and penal sanctions such as the management of assets, restructuring of debts for the improvement of their financial situation, follow-up of concordat and bankruptcy postponement processes, and in case it is not possible to rehabilitate the financial situation or not preferred, fulfillment of the necessary procedures for the liquidation of the company.

The main legal services provided by our office in the field of Enforcement & Bankruptcy Law are as follows;

- Opening all kinds of enforcement proceedings, follow-up of all processes, including foreclosure, bank account blocking, preservation and sale, and periodically reporting to clients on enforcement files.

- Applying for the warrant of distraint.

- Following up liability, cancellation of savings and recovery of property lawsuits regarding the transfer of commercial enterprise in order to prevent the debtors from evasion of assets.

- Making claims about crimes specific to Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law such as Reduction of Balance for the Purpose of Harming the Creditor, Abandonment of Irregular Trade, Violation of Commitment and Drawing a Dud Check and following up the lawsuits.

- Fulfillment of objection proceedings against enforcement proceedings.

- Following up the lawsuits regarding cancellation of objection and removal of objection after objection to enforcement proceedings.

- Following up of negative clearance and restitution lawsuits.

- Providing consultancy services to companies in financial difficulties on the management of their assets.

- Execution of debt restructuring negotiations and preparation of debt settlement protocols.

- Providing consultancy to companies on bankruptcy postponement and concordat and conducting litigation process.

- Providing consultancy services regarding bankruptcy and liquidation.

- Follow-up of receivables in foreign countries through cooperating law offices.