Business & Social Security Law

Since compliance with the Labor and Social Security Law legislation is of great importance for companies not to suffer significant financial losses as a result of lawsuits and administrative sanctions, as well as for the general welfare of the society, these issues are approached with great sensitivity by our Office, and on these matters comprehensive consultancy and advocacy services are provided to both individuals with employee status and client companies before and after the dispute.

The main legal services provided by our office in the field of Business Law and Social Security Law are as follows;

- Preparation and negotiation of employment agreements.

- Providing legal opinion within the scope of the legislation before the decisions to be taken by the client companies within the scope of Business Law.

- Preparation and periodic control of the personnel files of the workers, taking into account the sectors in which the client companies operate.

- Preparing the minutes, defense request letters, warning and termination notices specific to each concrete situation, responding to salary lien letters and making objections.

- Providing consultancy in order to fulfill the requirements of work accidents and occupational diseases within the scope of the legislation.

- Interpretation and implementation of relevant laws and regulations regarding workplace health and safety.

- Conducting negotiations and litigation on labor law disputes.

- Providing trainings on Labor Law to the relevant employees of the client companies and informing them about the legislative changes.

- Supervising the audits carried out by official institutions before the client companies.

- Fulfillment of work and residence permits of foreigners.