Administrative and Tax Law

Administrative Law is a branch of law whose basis is determined in the constitution, which stipulates the rules governing the activity and organization of the administration, and balances the superiorities and privileges granted to the public with the rights and freedoms granted to the individual. Therefore, the administrative actions to be carried out by the administration are closely related to real and legal persons, and in case the said actions are against the law, it is necessary to apply to the competent authorities of the administration and file lawsuits in order to eliminate the said illegalities. Our Office provides services on cancellation cases, full remedy actions, expropriation and confiscating without expropriating cases, objections to administrative proceedings, priority and extremely important cases with a stay of execution request.

In addition, our Office provides a practical, creative and commercial approach with its expert staff in the field of tax law, and meets the needs in the field of tax disputes. In this context, our Office provides services for the resolution of all kinds of disputes such as resolution of problems arising from the taxation process, exhaustion of administrative remedies and follow-up of reconciliation transactions, making pre-litigation administrative applications within the scope of tax legislation regarding problems regarding customs legislation and arising from other tax crimes and penalties, following up the litigation process in case the disputes cannot be resolved at the administrative stage, and following up on any issues that may be encountered after the lawsuit.